Digging for Gold

January 2011
Records labels are delving into long lost back catalogues and bringing musical treasures back to life.

Yes We Can: Songs About Leaving Africa

The record stores are full of them, but have you ever thought about what's involved in making a compilation
July 2010

Dedicated Followers

August / September 2010
Cheikh Lo and Carlou D are two of the biggest followers of religious songs praising Islamic leaders.

Sufi's Choice

The Guardian
23rd July 2010
With his love-it or hate-it guitar style, Cheikh Lo has always been a one off.

Wandering Star

April 2010
Emerging from the underground Keziah Jones, the continent hopping creator of blufunk...

Here's looking at you, Kidjo!

March 2010
Angélique Kidjo is fast gaining a reputation as not only a formidible singer...

Senegal's Rising Star

Brussels Airlines B Spirit Magazine
January / February 2010
Carlou D is Senegal's new singer in town, and Youssou N'Dour is already a fan.

From Guinea Bissau

October 2009
Bissau Guinean hip-hop stars are singing out about the recent political assasinations...